There's an "I" in Team!

The workshop leader's latest research proves a strong correlation between the degree of team members' familiarity with their team and the level of shared leadership and team effectiveness.  As it turns out, there is an important "I" in team!  Research has shown that the better you understand your team members, the better the team.  This workshop is designed for intact teams and efficiently facilitates a mutual understanding of members' roles, values, technical and interpersonal strengths, trait-based preferences for communication, leadership, conflict, problem solving, and teamwork.  As a result of attending this workshop, and through a number of activities and instruments, you will better understand and interact with your team members.  

With the assistance of the workshop’s professionally qualified leader, you will gain new insights into yourself and others.  Gaining these insights will increase your effectiveness in teamwork, interaction, and everyday communication that facilitates the attainment of team success. 


To build team member familiarity that results in increased shared leadership, a "yes we can" team spirit, and overall team effectiveness.  
Using team activities and assessments, to create an understanding and appreciation of each individual member, resulting in:  

  • Increased understanding of self and of others
  • Increased appreciation for similarities and differences
  • More effective problem solving
  • Improved communications
  • Better teamwork


  • Visual Explorer - Team Member Roles and Value
  • Appreciative Inquiry - My Team Member's Strengths
  • Discovering Trait Similarities and Differences (MBTI or Teamer Assessment)
  • Trait Implications To Interactions, Team Problem Solving, Communication  
  • My Teamwork Style (FIRO-B assessment) and Implications To Team Development
  • Closure

Duration: 1 day

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