Teams & Teamwork - The Foundation of Shared Leadership

Course Summary:
Team members and leaders will discover a new set of insights and teamwork skills within the "Teams & Teamwork" workshop. Using teams and encouraging teamwork can be effective ways to get results; however, teams are often improperly used and misunderstood. This workshop helps team members understand team dynamics, use appropriate team processes, and respect individual differences, resulting in Shared Leadership and overall improved Team Effectiveness! This interactive workshop accomplishes its objectives through experience, rather than lecture. Throughout this workshop, a useful model of group development and team process guides understanding and the selection of appropriate next steps.

Learning by experience and a debriefing process within "Learning Teams", the following objectives are met:

  • Given membership in a new learning team, participants learn a time tested new team start-up process.
  • Given a measurement of the personality characteristics of the individual team members, the team will practice dealing with, and ultimately complement, each other's personality strengths to enhance more effective team interaction.
  • Given team problem solving activities, the team members build decision making and problem solving skills, with the appropriate amount of team member involvement.
  • Given a positive learning atmosphere, team members begin to improve and build team member relationships.
  • Given a team development diagnostic and action tool, team members will appropriately determine next steps to keep their learning teams moving forward.
  • Given an understanding of teams and teamwork within the workshop, the participants will plan for ways to effectively apply new learning to their own teams.


  • Teams & Teamwork Introduction
  • New Team Start-up Process
  • Team Development
  • Decision-Making Options- Is Consensus The Only Way?
  • Exploring Interdependency
  • Understanding Styles - Why Can't You Be More Like Me?
  • Styles in Action
  • Team Challenge
  • Changing Behavior Through Feedback
  • Application Planning
  • Team Closure and Celebration

Duration: 1 day

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