Surviving the Jungle of Difficult People

Target Audience: All levels of employees

Course Summary:
The Surviving the Jungle of Difficult People Workshop is designed to improve your  fundamental ability to deal with the challenging behaviors we commonly (and not so commonly) face within and outside of our teams.  The workplace has become increasingly stressful and diverse in its styles of interaction and individual needs and wants.  This workshop helps build strategies for new behavioral changes needed to "get through" the difficult behavior of over 25 types of difficult people situations.

To learn to identify a set of challenging workplace behaviors
To review one's own challenging behavior
To link style with challenging behavior so as to better appreciate some of the positive elements of each person
To build strategies to appropriately deal with challenging workplace behaviors


Introduction to Surviving the Jungle
Challenging Behavior and Our Reactions
Linking Challenges Behavior with Interaction Style
Challenging Behavior - Dysfunctional Dominance and Control
Challenging Behavior - Dysfunctional  Inclusion
Challenging Behavior - Dysfunctional Sameness
Challenging Behavior - Caution, Perfection, Fear of Failure
Self-Check for Surviving the Jungle
Planning for Su rvival in the Jungle

Duration:  1 Day

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