Team Problem Solving & Decision Making

Target Audience: All levels of employees

Course Summary:
All teams struggle from time to time from analysis paralysis, action anxiety, or the dreaded "this old meeting." By developing your team's Shared Leadership, better achieve innovation by harnessing the idea power and synergy of all team members without feeling stuck in the same old ineffective team processes.  In this workshop, you will learn interactive, creative, timesaving tools and techniques for quickly and actively solving problems, analyzing solutions, and deciding best course of action. Over fifteen tools are learned and practiced using real work examples to ensure mastery in their implementation.


  • Given the "Double Diamond" Problem Solving Model, the participants will be able to understand and use a systematic approach to creative and critical approaches to problem identification/ cause analysis and solution analysis.
  • Given practice of an integrated set of problem solving/decision making tools, participants will be able to demonstrate effective use of these tools, as well as, apply them to specific business applications.
  • Participants will improve their ability to communicate "how" and "why" they arrived at recommended resolutions to issues and problems.


  • Introduction to Problem Solving and Solution Analysis Model
  • Problem Recognition/Cause Analysis Process Overview
  • Short Cut Tools Overview & Practice
  • Case Study: Causal Analysis
  • Application of Problem Recognition/Cause Analysis 
  • Solution Analysis/Decision Making Process Overview
  • Solution Generation Tools
  • Solution Analysis/Decision Making Case Study
  • Application of Solution Analysis/Decision Making Tools

Duration: 1 day

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