Managing Effective Meetings

Course Summary:
The Managing Effective Meetings Workshop is a practice-based workshop where you will learn a structured, repeatable, and interactive process to conduct effective meetings in a timely and productive fashion. This workshop provides time-tested tools, which help set clear expectations for goals, outcomes, roles, and levels of participation, ensuring success in every meeting! Participants receive an "Effective Meetings Tool Kit" which guides the planning and implementation of the workshop practice meetings, as well as, all future meetings which participants must lead long after the workshop is finished. Practice is the key during this workshop. Feedback is used extensively to identify and reinforce skill development. Additionally, models for group development and facilitative actions are offered to help participants understand the framework for structuring and facilitating meetings in the most constructive manner possible.


  • To develop meeting planning and design skills that support participative involvement and the attainment of results.
  • To build basic facilitation skills resulting in enhanced meeting management.
  • To understand and utilize the steps of the "Effective Meetings Tool Kit" that helps structure a repeatable and balanced meeting management process.


  • Characteristics of Effective Meetings and Meeting Leaders
  • Group Development and Facilitation Model
  • "Effective Meetings Tool Kit"
  • Getting Meetings Started and Flowing Data Skill Practice

Duration: 1 day

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