Team Dynamics & Facilitation

Target Audience: All levels of employees

Course Summary:
The Team Dynamics & Facilitation Workshop is an interactive workshop which creates the opportunity to dissect and diagnose real team dynamics which all of us face everyday. It is well known that the individuals which comprise teams behave much differently when they are alone as compared to their interaction within teams. In this workshop, you will learn to better recognize and deal more effectively with both the positive and the self-defeating behavior which all teams experience. Using several team dynamic models and tools, you will better understand the hidden dimensions of behavior that limits individuals and teams from achieving excellence.

Today, with more team-based work structures, new "shared leadership" roles are evolving, creating a need for a new level of awareness for team dynamics. In the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to read team dynamics, develop "shared leadership" actions, and practice them in a learning environment which is as realistic as possible.


  • To learn to identify the needs of teams as represented by their team dynamics.
  • To develop shared leadership actions that support a participative and productive team.
  • To understand and utilize several team dynamic models and tools that helps you to recognize the process of group development and assists in the accurate assessment of team dynamics.
  • To understand your own shared leadership style and preference and its effects on teams.
  • To learn how and when to use several facilitation responses, appropriate to the situation.
  • To practice the "art and skill" of facilitation.

Agenda Day 1:

  • Introductions
  • Teams and Their Characteristics
  • Leadership
  • Team Development
  • Diagnosing Team Dynamics
  • Influencing Team Dynamics: Shared Leadership

Agenda Day 2:

  • The Role of Facilitator
  • The Tools of Facilitation
  • Facilitation Practice: Recognizing & Responding Appropriately To Team Dynamics

Duration: 2 days

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