Managing Conflict

Course Summary:
The Managing Conflict Workshop is designed to help and assist you by using a process to better work through conflict. It recognizes that conflict takes many forms. Its causes, individual's preferences in dealing with it, the timing, quality and focus with which it is dealt, must clearly be understood before you can effectively work through it. Once it is understood, a set of skills and process steps are offered and practiced.


  • To identify individual conflict management preferences when interacting with others.
  • To understand that conflict is perceived differently by others which may cause dysfunctional group behavior.
  • To identify stages of conflict, so that we can better choose how and when to deal with it.
  • To best understand and utilize the strengths and minimize the liabilities of our own individual conflict management preferences when interacting with others.
  • To learn and practice a conflict management process for teams to use to best work through potentially destructive conflict.
  • To identify and practice six techniques to help prevent and deal with conflict.


  • Your Interpretation of Conflict
  • The Conflict Stage Of Group Development - Healthy or Sick?
  • The Anatomy of Conflict
  • Sources of Conflict
  • Conflict Control or Resolution - Alternatives and Implications
  • Conflict Management Styles
  • Conflict Resolution Skill Steps and Practice

Duration: 1 day

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