High Performance Teams & Teamwork Series

This Learning Series is designed to build teams toward high performance and team effectiveness.  Build upon the latest doctoral research studies of the workshop leader, these workshops ensure  team effectiveness by developing both the leadership and membership capabilities in teams.  Throughout these workshops, team and project leaders, as well as team members, build a strong knowledge and skill foundation in team leadership, teamwork, and team playership. Intact teams may also progress through these workshops and ultimately build shared leadership and team effectiveness. 

Teams & Teamwork - This highly interactive workshop helps team members understand team dynamics, use appropriate team processes, and respect individual differences, resulting in more effective teamwork! Using teams and encouraging teamwork can be effective ways to get results; however, teams are often improperly used and misunderstood.

The Leader in "We" - Developing Shared Leadership - The Leader in "We" Workshop is intended for team or project leaders and team members who are motivated toward building team effectiveness through shared leadership.  The latest groundbreaking research, conducted by the workshop facilitator, proves that developing shared leadership within teams can be accomplished through leadership style and team characteristics.  More importantly, when these conditions exist, team members can develop rheir own shared leadership behaviors that guarantee team effectiveness.  In this workshop, team members better understand how to appropriately and effectively share in the leadership actions and responsibilities of the team. 

Managing Effective Meetings - Learn a structured, repeatable, and interactive process to design and conduct effective meetings in a timely and productive fashion. This workshop provides time-tested tools, which help set clear expectations for goals, outcomes, roles, and levels of participation, ensuring success in every meeting!

Team Dynamics & Facilitation (2 Days) - Learn to better recognize and deal more effectively with both the positive and the self-defeating behavior, which all teams experience. Using several team dynamic models and tools, you will better recognize, diagnose, and respond to the hidden dimensions of behavior that limits individuals and teams from achieving excellence.

There's an "I" in Team! - The latest research proves a strong correlation between the degree of team members' familiarity with their team and the level of shared leadership and team effectiveness.  Contrary to popular belief, there is an important "I" in team!  The more you understand your team members, the better the team. Utilizing the "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" and FIRO-B, increase your self-awareness and appreciation for others' style diversity to more effectively communicate, solve problems, and improve teamwork.

Managing Team Member Conflict - Learn processes and several techniques to best work through conflict, use your own conflict style more effectively, prevent unhealthy conflict, and choose when to resolve it or simply control it.

Surviving The Jungle of Difficult People - We've all dealt with them. They zap our energy and focus from our work and our teams. To survive this team jungle, we will learn to better analyze, strategize, and ultimately manage 25 difficult team member types. This workshop is a natural complement to Managing Team Member Conflict.

Team Problem Solving & Decision Making  - Everyone struggles from time to time from analysis paralysis, action anxiety, or the dreaded "this old meeting." Achieve innovation by harnessing the idea power and synergy of all team members without feeling stuck in the same old ineffective team processes.  In this workshop, you will learn interactive, creative, timesaving tools and techniques for quickly and actively solving problems, analyzing solutions, and deciding best course of action. Over fifteen tools are learned and practiced using real work examples to ensure mastery in their implementation.

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