Critical Thinking & Innovation

Do you wish your employees and team members would create better ways to get tasks accomplished, handle new situations, or work more productively together? Does the responsibility for new ideas fall only on you and do you sometimes feel you may be “running dry?” During this workshop, you will tap into your idea power and challenge your own and others’ thinking blocks by using techniques essential to creating new answers.

Guided by the workshop’s qualified facilitator, you will learn to break negative thinking habits that are holding you back, take control of decision risks, get original ideas to flow naturally, and promote innovative breakthroughs.

Leaders and team members will find the experiential format of the Critical Thinking & Innovation Workshop an effective way to accomplish the workshop’s objectives.

Utilizing thinking techniques and strategies, develop skills enabling the following:

  • Improved idea generation by self and others.
  • More positive thinking habits and broader perspectives.
  • Better answers and solutions.
  • Increased risk control of decision outcomes.
  • Renewed focus and vision


  • What are Critical and Innovative Thinking?
  • Creating Idea-encouraging Environments
  • Techniques For Innovation and Breakthroughs
  • Reducing Risk of Mistakes With Critical Thinking
  • Proactive Problem Solving

Duration: 1 day

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