Strategic and Innovative Thinking Series

This Learning Series is designed to improve key organizational members' ability to make, manage, and plan sound strategic, innovative, and critical business decisions.

Strategic Planning - The Process Simplified! - This workshop takes the mystery out of strategic planning by providing practical and interactive exercises which reinforces your understanding of an integrated strategic planning process. Even if you do not have strategic planning responsibilities, you will benefit in enhancing your ability to think more strategically.

A Systems Approach To Project Management - In today's work environment, getting things done quicker and done right the first time are success factors for organizations. Project management skills are essential for this. In many ways, a project is like a start-up organization - people working together (often for the first time) to achieve what is often an unclear outcome with limited resources at their disposal. This workshop is based on eight competency areas that have been found to be critical for project success. It provides those working on projects with the tools needed for successfully managing and participating on projects, using a customer-focused, end-result approach.

Critical Thinking & Innovation - Tap into your idea power and challenge your own and others' thinking blocks by using techniques essential to creating new answers. Learn to break negative thinking habits that are holding you back, take control of decision risks, get original ideas to flow naturally, and promote innovative breakthroughs.

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