Learning To Lead

Target Audience: New and emerging leaders or experienced managers interested in developing their leadership.

Course Summary:
This hands-on workshop, based upon the powerful work of Warren Bennis and Joan Goldsmith, presents the inspiring art of leadership through personal assessments, skill building activities, and a pragmatic, step-by-step process to develop the essence of leadership within you. Learn the “joys” of leadership, its myths, and its distinction from management. The workshop will help to translate failures into springboards for renewed creativity, communicate your vision for your organization, maintain trust through integrity, and build commitments through action.

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the elements of leadership, as it differs from management.
  • Discover the leadership abilities within each of us, as well as, plan activities, which will enhance them.
  • Collectively create and share strategies which will develop your leadership capability.
Agenda Day 1:
  • Introductions, Overview, Expectations
  • Leadership For A Successful Future
    • Leaders: Our Expectations & Requirements
    • Leadership & Management: The Difference
    • Personal Leadership Agenda
    • Personal Leadership Values
  • The Leadership Crisis
    • Leadership Role Models
    • Leadership Myths
    • Leadership Gaps
    • Where Do We Learn Leadership?
  • Learning To Learn – “Knowing Yourself”
    • Learning How To Learn
    • Learning Modes
    • Learning To Lead Presentation
Agenda Day 2:
  • Learning To Learn – “Knowing Yourself”
    • Failure: The Springboard of Learning
    • My Learning To Lead Lifeline
  • Creating and Communicating Vision
    • Video: Leadership and the New Science
    • Your Organizational Vision
    • “You In Your Vision”
    • Communication And Your Vision
  • Maintaining Trust Through Integrity
    • Qualities of Leadership
    • Support Through Empathy
    • Sustaining Trust
    • Your Ethics
  • Realizing Intention Through Action
    • Commitment To Goals
    • Strategy Mapping
Duration: 2 day session

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