Leading For Results

Target Audience: New and emerging leaders or experienced leaders interested in improving their ability to achieve results

Course Summary:
Achieving results is critical to the success of every organization in today's competitive global marketplace. Effective leaders contribute to their organization's success through their attributes (personal characteristics, knowledge, skills, and behaviors) but it is the leader's ability to achieve desired results that ensures organizational success. This course, Leading For Results, will improve your leadership effectiveness by showing you how to connect the achievement of desired results to specific attributes you posses or need to develop. You will be introduced to a process for identifying and articulating desired results in a measurable way. Through practical hands on activities you will assess your readiness to produce results and identify attributes you need to develop in order to succeed. You will learn to formulate desired results statements, the key to measuring achievements against goals. In addition, you will take away valuable ideas for sustaining results. As leader at any level of the organization, you will experience an increased commitment to the results you need to produce and a renewed enthusiasm about how you will produce them after attending this course. Not only you, but also the people you lead will benefit from what you learn about focusing on results. You will return to your organization better equipped to help them identify and articulate the results they need to accomplish and what attributes they need to develop to achieve success.

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the elements of leading for results
  • Describe a process to identify and articulate desired results
  • Conduct and analyze a Results Readiness Inventory
  • Formulate Desired Results Statements
  • Explain methods for sustaining desired results
  • Introductions, Overview, Outcomes
  • Becoming an Effective Leader:
    • Attributes and Achievements
    • People, Process, Task, and Results
    • Leaders Building Leaders
  • Identifying Desired Results:
    • Organizational Context
    • Results Readiness Inventory
    • Attribute, Experience, and Learning Gaps
    • Leader Motivations
  • Articulating Desired Results:
    • Desired Results Criteria
    • Desired Results Statements
    • Commitment and Enthusiasm
  • Sustaining Desired Results:
    • Celebration of Achievements
    • Critique of Process
    • Transfer of Learning
  • Action Planning, Outcomes, Closing

Equipment/Room/Prework: Overhead, 2 Flip Charts/Single Horseshoe/Questionnaire

Duration: 1 day

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