Behavioral Event Interviewing For Competency - Hiring For Success

Target Audience: Leaders and Human Resources Professionals responsible for making human resources selection decisions.

Course Summary:
The Behavioral Event Interview is probably very different from any other interview with which you have had experience. In particular, getting good information in the part of the interview that deals with key situations from the individual's experience presents some important challenges. Your task is to get the person to recall situations that were important to him/her, rather than to ask a fixed set of questions about situations that may be of particular interest to you. In addition, your main purpose is to gather as much detail as possible of the person you are interviewing.

The Behavioral Event Interview seeks to gather data on the observations and behavior of people in relevant situations, such as job events, crises, key problems, and the like. The focus of the critical incident technique is behavior that is generated and witnessed by the interviewer and other things of significance that he/she observed in the situation.

The Behavioral Event Interview, while concerned with behavior and observations, is also geared to finding out about the person's thinking patterns, consistent ways of approaching problems, feelings about things that are happening, and dialogue. In short, it seeks to recreate an account that describes the characteristics of the person relating the story as much as the characteristics of the situation that is being described.>

The following section outlines a sequence of steps that will help you get the kind of information you need about the person's actual past performance.


  • To select and probe for competencies which will result in more effective selection decisions.
  • To learn the behavioral event interviewing technique, including probing for critical events and specific competencies. 
  • To troubleshoot the interview, including deciding what data is valid and predictive of future success in the job


  • Introduction
  • Using Competencies For Selection
  • Interview Preparation
  • The Process Steps
  • Probes For Behavioral Interviews 
  • Troubleshooting The Interview 
  • Evaluation of The Candidate

Duration: 1 day

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