The Change Advocate

Do you feel overwhelmed by the degree of change affecting your job? Change is sweeping corporate America, dissolving the once-solid traditions, structures, and hierarchies we've grown so comfortable with. When will we ever return to the good old days of job security and predictability? The fact is......we won't. Operations continue to change at a frenetic pace. But operations are only one component of the change process. People must also make an adjustment during any change effort.  Effective employees don't just "respond to change"; they "advocate change"!  Learn how truly successful people in organizations anticipate and embrace chaotic change as the norm today, and effectively "navigate the white water".  In addition to recognizing and preventing the "survivor syndrome",  you will learn to anticipate organizational change, understand it, manage it and move through both organizational and personal change more effectively.

This workshop helps those who wish to better understand the change process, move through change more productivity and efficiently. We've designed the The Change Advocate workshop upon the sound, state-of-the-art modern theories and practices of change experts John Kotter, Margaret Wheatley, William Bridges, Richard Beckhard, David Noer, and Harry Woodward.

The Change Advocacy Workshop will likely be one of the most enlightening days you spend. You will learn ways to help you manage your own change reactions and become more accepting and motivated by it. Perhaps you will never appreciate chaotic change, but you will learn a new way to look at and work with it.

This skill-building program is highly interactive. You will learn and understand about chaotic change, paradigm shifts, the survivor syndrome, and a number of change models and processes.  You will learn to recognize the four major reactions to change, your own personal reactions to change, and how personality types affect the way you and others view and respond to change. Join those others who wish to move through change, not be paralyzed by it!


  • To view change and chaos as a necessary and healthy part of today's business and social climate.
  • To learn about and apply major change models for organizational and personal change.
  • To inventory your own preferences and reactions regarding change, and learn ways to work productively through it.
  • To understand and respond to change from an employees' perspective.
  • To learn to facilitate through personal transitions and to situationally deal with four reactions to change.
  • To develop a personal vision as a method of working through any changes confronting us.
  • To develop appropriate strategies to manage change., including the prevention of the survivor syndrome.
Duration: 1 day

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