Transformational Leadership Series

This Learning Series helps new and experienced leaders to develop the skills necessary for transformational leadership.  Create focus, purpose, empowerment, productivity, and balance, essential to leading organizational excellence. 

The Leader in "We":  Developing Shared Leadership - The Leader in "We" Workshop is intended for team or project leaders and team members who are motivated toward building team effectiveness through shared leadership.  The latest groundbreaking research, conducted by the workshop facilitator, proves that developing shared leadership within teams can be accomplished through leadership style and team characteristics.  More importantly, when these conditions exist, team members can develop rheir own shared leadership behaviors that guarantee team effectiveness.  In this workshop, team members better understand how to appropriately and effectively share in the leadership actions and responsibilities of the team.

Developmental Coaching and Performance Feedback - Learn how and when to apply the critically important skills of developmental coaching and performance feedback. These two skills, being distinctly different, either increase or decrease your overall effectiveness, depending on when they are used.  This workshop gives leaders ample opportunity to plan and practice these critically important skills of the transformational leader.

Learning To Lead (2 Days) - This hands-on workshop, based upon the powerful work of Warren Bennis and Joan Goldsmith, presents the inspiring art of leadership through personal assessments, skill building activities, and a pragmatic, step-by-step process to develop the essence of leadership within you. Learn the "joys" of leadership, its myths, and its distinction from management. The workshop will help to translate failures into springboards for renewed creativity, communicate your vision for your organization, maintain trust through integrity, and build commitments through action.

Leading For Results - Effective leaders contribute to their organization's success through their attributes (personal characteristics, knowledge, skills, and behaviors) but it is the leader's ability to achieve desired results that ensures organizational success. This course will improve your leadership effectiveness by showing you how to connect the achievement of desired results to specific attributes you possess or need to develop. Through practical hands on activities you will assess your readiness to produce results and identify attributes you need to develop in order to succeed. You will create measureable desired results statements, as well as take away valuable ideas for sustaining results.

Behavioral Event Interviewing For Competency - Hiring For Success - The "Behavioral Event Interview" is the most valid and efficient tool available to managers and human resource professionals to predict success "on-the-job". Learn the essential techniques which will dramatically improve your future selection decisions.

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence - Contemporary research is proving a direct correlation between leadership effectiveness and "EQ", or Emotional Quotient, the emotional equivalent of "IQ". In this workshop, you will assess your own "Emotional Quotient", interpret your own strengths and improvements, and develop actions both in and outside the workshop. With the help of the workshop resources and facilitator, you will have several activities and actions to choose among, which over time, will build your "EQ". You will leave with the foundational elements of a plan which best develops your "EQ", ensuring overall leadership and interpersonal balance and effectiveness.

The Change Advocate - Effective leaders and employees don't just "respond to change"; they "advocate change"!  Learn how truly successful people in organizations anticipate and embrace chaotic change as the norm today, and effectively "navigate the white water". You will learn how to anticipate organizational change, understand it, lead it, manage it and move through both organizational and personal change more effectively.

Strategic Planning - The Process Simplified! - This workshop takes the mystery out of strategic planning by providing practical and interactive exercises which reinforces your understanding of an integrated strategic planning process. Even if you do not have strategic planning responsibilities, you will benefit in enhancing your ability to think more strategically.

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