Focusing On Your Customer

Target Audience: All levels of employees

Course Summary:
Focusing On Your Customer- A Customer Interaction Skills Workshop is a one-day program about your work with customers, both internal and external. During this day, you will be learning about skills, attitudes, and perspectives. The skills and attitudes will guide your actions with customers. The perspectives will help you see customers and their needs in a way that will help you serve customers. You will come away knowing how important your interactions with all your customers are, both internally and externally, and feeling confident that you can interact well. This program allows you to build on the technical skills and knowledge you already have. And, it will give you a chance to learn from others. Delivering exceptional customer service is a skill. And as with all skills, it can be learned and improved through training and practice. You will have time to role play and practice using some new methods and techniques to compliment your current skill level.


  • To understand customers from their perspective - their expectations, needs, and wants.
  • To discover the concept of the “Moment of Truth” and apply it to our work.
  • To learn what is most important to customers and discuss the implications for providers of service.
  • To practice the skill elements of a simple, yet, powerful customer interaction process.
  • To discuss the best approaches to challenging situations with customers.


  • Introductions
  • Your Point of View
  • Moments of Truth - The Customer's Point of View
  • What Delights Customers?
  • Customer Interaction Skills- Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • Challenging Situations

Duration: 1 day

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