New Leader Assimilation

New Leader Assimilation is a simple, yet powerful process which helps integrate a new leader into an established organization.


  • Help acquaint the leader, the leader’s vision, expectations, wants, and style with team members.
  • Smooth the assimilation of the new leader to ensure a reasonable level of productivity.
  • Create an understanding of how the organization prefers to work together, prefers to be managed, and what is expected of both the leader and members.
  • Listed agreements for the leader and group.
  • Contract for working potential problems.
  • Common set of expectations 

Typical format includes the following, but is not open and flexible to the needs of the Leader and the members.  We discuss why we are here and what we want to accomplish. Both the leader and the existing group convey their thoughts about the development of this new relationship, focusing on their:

  • Wants- This is an expression of what the leader and the group want to learn about each other. 
  • Concerns - This is both a short and long term view of what might become a problem if we don't work on them now.
  • Expectations - This is a short and realistic view of what has to happen for us to successfully work together.
In each of these areas, some of the informational categories which guide the discussion may include: 
  • General
  • Personal
  • Problem solving and decision making approaches 
  • Leadership style
  • Communication preference
  • Preferred style to be personally managed 
  • Level of responsibility/ authority
  • Working climate
  • Job recognition

Large Insurance and Financial Systems Leadership Team - Designed and facilitated the new leader assimilation process for a new leader, charged with leading an aggressive set of project iniatives.

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