Center For Creative Leadership 360 Degree Leadership Assessment

Discover why the Center For Creative Leadership's Benchmarks 360 Feedback Process is the most widely used and respected system to assess your Leadership Capability.  You will receive current feedback from up to 20 raters, including your manager, direct reports, peers, customers, and self.  A unique feature about Benchmarks is the "derailment factors", those behaviors that leaders exhibit which derail or stall their careers.

For frontline leaders, the SkillsScope Assessment is a valid alternative instrument, which can be used.   

Working with your Leadership Coach, you will understand your leadership strengths and development areas, focus on those behaviors which are most important and in greatest need of development, opportunize your strengths, and create a development plan which will enhance your leadership.

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Center For Creative Leadership Leadership Development Program - Dennis Cashman is one of only four qualified facilitators at Rensselaer, the premier northeast location for the world's #1 Leadership Development Program. The Benchmarks Assessment is the cornerstone instrument in this program. Dennis routinely consults with leaders from all over the world with a focus on finding meaning and critical development actions to leverage their leadership.

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